Shadows of a Fell Heart

Act I, Scenes I-III

Seeking the sanctuary of a dead god

New recruits to the Westcrown Rebels gathered around Janiven, but she was anxious: Arael was late. This was unlike him.

Laurel and the Wandering Stars arrived: “They’re coming.” The newly-formed group fled for their lives, into the sewers.

Swarms of rats, corrosive aberrations, and even packs of the walking dead were threats the group could manage; they fought together with aplomb. But eventually their way was blocked by The Law: a small band of Armigers blocked their way, and managed to call reinforcements, including one figure that was almost a Hellknight.

Evarinya boldly surrendered herself into custody, allowing the other heroes to escape to the relative safety of the temple of Aroden.



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