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Welcome to my House Rules document. The alternate rules in these pages are designed with two goals in mind. The first is to make a greater selection of character options equally strong in terms of their mechanics. The second is to make the game more fun. As your DM, I will be seeking your feedback as to whether or not these modifications to the core game accomplish those two objectives. As I prefer my games to have a little bit of a frantic pace, the best time to leave me feedbacks is over the internets between sessions.

House Rules

Cunning Rogue
Mystic Monk
Prowess Fighter

In a similar vein, I have also refurbished the above core “extraordinary” classes. My opinion of these classes as compared to others is that they need a power-up so as to function on the same level as most of the rest of the 30+ classes available through all the books in the Pathfinder line. This is especially for those of you who enjoy playing the iconic D&D classes.

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House Rules:
Cunning Rogue:
Mystic Monk:
Prowess Fighter:

Main Page

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